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WUD ‘20
World Usability Day
OutSystems Presents
World Usability Day 2020
It happened last November 12, and it was amazing!
We asked Manuel Lima about Cognitive Design, and heard about UX Metrics from the latest research made at OutSystems.
What gets measured, gets managed.
Peter Drucker
For the second year, OutSystems hosted the World Usability Day 2020! In 2020, we called UX/UI Designers, Product DesignersProduct Managers and other creatives to join a 2h Zoom conversation about Cognitive Design and UX Metrics.
We heard it from Manuel Lima, well-known author and speaker and Design Lead at Google, on how to approach Cognitive Design. And then learned from the most recent research made at OutSystems on how to select and get the right UX Metrics.
Sílvia Otto Sequeira, Sérgio Miguel & Juliana Ciarlini
The UX/UI team at OutSystems helps customers and partners around the world to design applications with the OutSystems platform. They're hosting this event since 2019 and would love to get your feedback. Contact us also if you need design experts for OutSystems applications  (
UX Metrics: the Lab
Hernâni Alves - UX/UI Designer @ TalkDesk
Paulo Costa - Product Manager @ OutSystems
We have started a revolution on how to go beyond the usual technical metrics, and really consider business and UX metrics right from the start of a project. Contact us for more info on how to define and measure the success of your OutSystems applications (same email, ping us anytime).
Cognitive Design: Decoding our Brain
Manuel Lima - Author, Speaker and Educator,  Design Lead and Startup Mentor @ Google
Our very special guest presented a powerful toolbox for every designer. Review the recording to learn from a design superhero.
Last Year
Last Year
2019 was all about Accessibility, Diversity and Inclusion

We welcomed almost 200 people at the OutSystems office for a special end-of-day with free beer, pizza and lots of networking!
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